This is a list of the best Doctors in Virginia Beach.

Best Doctors in Virginia BeachThis is a list of Doctors I have found over the last 20 years who have proven themselves to be the best doctors in Virginia Beach. They all tend to think outside the box and offer care right for the patient that is in front of them. I am sure there are many other great doctors in Virginia Beach, but I feel lucky to have found these caring and hard working health care providers.

Dermatolgist – Tidewater Skin Care – Tim Jackson P.A. – 757-467-390o

Family Doctor – Doctor Palting Sentara Family Physician

Pediatrician – Pediatrics at the Beach – Dr Davis Jones-  Phone: (757) 351-2927

Dentist – Doctor Hendricks – 757-486-4469

Doctor Laura Sample MD

Chiropractor – thats a tough one… hmm… ok you got me. New Life Chiropractic (best staff and massage therapist in town).

5 Factors that make a Doctor good.

1. Respect: A good doctor respects you. They show you this by listening and responding in a kind manner.

2. Time: A good doctor doesn’t make you feel as if you are one of 20 people he needs to see within the next 2 hours…even though you may be. This doesn’t mean that he sits with you for as long as you want. No, this means that he is present and takes time to address your concerns.

3. Acknowledgment: A good doctor acknowledges your thoughts, opinions and viewpoints. This doesn’t mean that he agrees with them or likes them; instead it means that he respects your point of view enough to seriously address these issues.

4. Understanding: A good doctor realizes that most people are really scared of anything related to doctors and medicine. They are fearful of getting bad news, fearful of not understanding the language used or the tests being run.

5. Knowledge: This one is such as basic necessity that I almost didn’t include it. I think everyone agrees that a doctor needs to be knowledgeable in their field; a good doctor knows their stuff.