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Back Doctor – Virginia Beach

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I recently did a Google search for “back doctor Virginia beach” and chiropractors didn’t show up until page three. I found this to be very disturbing. There were orthopedists, neurologist and a multitude of therapy clinics, but no chiros to be found. If we are not back doctors then what are we. Some would say we are nerve doctors. According to the Virginia Board of Medicine our scope of practice is:  “Practice of chiropractic means the adjustment of the twenty-four movable vertebrae of the spinal column, and assisting nature for the purpose of normalizing the transmission of nerve energy. It does not include the use of surgery, obstetrics, osteopathy, nor the administration of any drugs, medicines, serums or vaccine”. This by definition makes us the king of the back doctors.


The health care providers that did show up treat the symptoms not the body or the back. drugsMedications are given to reduce inflammation. Drugs are used to mask pain. Surgeries are performed to remove body parts that in a lot of cases are very useful. Therapists are on the right track.


Chiropractors want to claim more than just the back. We like to think we can treat all disease or any condition. The truth is the back is where it all happens. As the scope of practice states we treat the back to normalize the transmission of nerve energy. Guess what? Those nerve transmissions control the function of every cell in our bodies. Yes, I am a back doctor and proud of it.


Yes I am writing this post in an attempt to come up on a Google search for back doctor. I want everyone to know that chiropractors are the only true back doctors. Come to New Life for a free consultation. 757-222-0910


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