Dry needling available at New Life Chiropractic

Dry needling is now available at New Life Chiropractic in Virginia Beach!

Dry needling is a modern science based form of therapy designed to reduce muscle inflammation, tension and pain. Needling with mono filament acupuncture needles at specific points creates a biochemical normalizing effect that reduces pain and improves function. It can also fix electrical dysfunction of the neuromuscular system as well.

Since we started using dry needling last year we have had many amazing cases of near immediate recovery from difficult and chronic conditions. We have treated carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, shoulder pain, sciatica, as well as many conditions of the knees, ankles and feet. All with great success. It even surprises me how well this treatment works.

Dry needling is done in conjunction with chiropractic manual therapy as well as cupping and massage.

We have found needling to be a painless and highly effective treatment. Now available at New Life Chiropractic.virginia beach chiropractor

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