Muscle spasm, cramps and charley horses

Muscle spasm, cramps and charley horses.

No matter what you call this condition the one thing they all have in common is they hurt real bad. This can happen when you muscle spasmare lifting a heavy box, going for a swim or a run or even just lying in bed. Everyone at some point will experience a muscle spasm, a cramp or a charley horse. Cramps or spasms are caused by involuntary contraction of a muscle. Any muscle can be effected but the large leg and back muscles are the most common. The question is what causes them and what can you do to relieve the pain once this condition occurs.

Causes of cramps and spasms:


-Muscle exhaustion

-Over exercising

-Lack of stretching before activities

-Mineral deficiency (magnesium,potassium,calcium)

-Pinched or irritated nerves

-Medications: Lasix, Aricep, Prostigmine, Procardia, Evista, Tasmar, Brethine and most statin drugs for cholesterol.

I am sure the list of meds have grown since I have last checked.

Treatments for spasm, cramps and charley horse

ice massageWhen you get a spasm there are a couple of things that can give relief or reduce the duration of the spasm. The first thing you can try is massaging the effected muscle this combined with stretching and icing can give great relief. Massaging with an ice cube held with a paper towel can give quick relief. (a little messy). Getting in a spa or a whirlpool or a hot Epsom salt soak can also really feel good. Proper chiropractic care for nerve function,staying hydrated, stretching, yoga and eating foods with high mineral content (dark green veggies) can help prevent muscle spasms in the future. Call us!








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