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What is cupping and how does it work?

What is cupping and how does it work?

As many of you probably saw during the Olympics this summer many of the athletes including swimmer Michael Phelps had purple circles or “bruises” on their upper backs and shoulders. These spots are the residual effects of cupping therapy. Cupping is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that has been in use for more than 3000 years. The primary function  of applying suction is to breakdown adhesions and to create a healing cascade in the soft tissue. Cupping also helps the body remove toxins caused by inflammation.  This therapy can be very beneficial for the treatment of tight and tender muscles, trigger points, sprains, pinch nerves, sciatica and soreness. Cupping is super safe when performed by a professional. At New Life Chiropractic we use suction therapy in  conjunction with chiropractic and massage and find it speeds the healing process.phelps cupping cupping 2

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