5 best exercises to be done without equipment.

The 5 best exercises to do with no equipment needed.

1.) Walking – a brisk continuous walk is one of the best forms of exercise that can be done. Chiropractors prefer walking because it is very low impact and still offers a great workout. The walk should be done at a 15-20 minute per mile pace for 30-45 minutes, and can be done daily.

2.) Squats – squats work all the muscles of the legs, low back and abdominal muscles. Squats should be done with both feet forward at about shoulder width apart. You then squat as if sitting down in a chair. Your knees should not go forward of your feet and the knee should not be bent more than 90 degrees. I would start at sets of ten every other day.
Form for doing squats
3.) Planks – According to most chiropractors, planks are without doubt the best way to strengthen the abdominal and back muscles without straining the back the way crunches tend to. A plank is done by getting in push up position and holding for 30-40 seconds. This should be done 5 times every other day. Push ups can be done between planks. Planks can also be done in the side position to strengthen the oblique’s. Planks are a great way to reduce back pain.
proper form for doing planks
4.) Push ups – Push ups are the perfect exercise for the arms and upper back. They are done in the same position as the plank with the arms fully extended. You then bend the elbows lowering you chest until you chin nearly touches the ground. 3 sets of ten would be a great place to start. Every other day.
Proper form for doing pushups
5.) Lunges – lunges are another great exercise for the legs, low back, and abdominal muscles. The best way to describe a lunge is to take a large step and bend the knees in a squat position. I think this is the most difficult of the 5, but really pays off. 3 sets of ten lunges is were you want to be. Every other day.
proper form for doing lunges

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