Guide to proper water consumption

Guide to proper water consumption.water consumption

What is the proper amount of water I should consume daily? This guide should help to resolve this important question.
As a chiropractor I often get asked how much is the right amount of water I should drink daily? This is not a difficult question, but has no simple answer. What kind of health are you in, what climate do you live in, and daily activity level are all factors to be considered when deciding water intake. Understanding your bodies demands for fluid will help you determine your daily water needs.

Why do we need water for good health?

60% of the weight of the human body is composed of water. All major body functions need water to sustain themselves. Water keeps tissues supple, flushes toxic waste, carries nutrients to the cells and has a major role in circulation and nerve conduction all of which are hugely important to your chiropractor. Dehydration causes major body malfunction, energy depletion, organ failure and worse. Needless to say water is vital.

What is the correct daily water requirements?

The obvious answer is that we need to drink just enough to replenish water lost through breathing, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. According to the Institute of Medicine an adequate amount for a adult male is about 3 liters (13 cups) and an adult woman 2.2 liters (9 cups). This is total fluid intake not just water. All fluids consumed count toward this total. I have found as a chiropractor patients that are properly hydrated tend to adjust easier and stay pain free longer.

Variables in the need for water.


Extra fluid must be consumed to make up for the lose of fluid sweated out. For a normal 30-45 minute workout 1.5-2 additional cups should be consumed.

In extreme hot and humid weather more fluid would also be required. High altitudes above 8,500 feet can also increase demand. An additional cup or two may be added.

Running a temperature also increases demand for fluids.


Demands go up to 3 liters (13 Cups) a day when you are pregnant.

Water should be the beverage of choice! It’s a great idea to drink water with each meal and between meals. Drink water before, during and after exercise and any time you sweat.

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