Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome treatment in Virginia Beach!


Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common entrapment (pinched nerve) syndrome. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndromecarpal tunnel include pain in the wrist and forearm and numbness and tingling in the thumb and first two fingers, all of which tend to be worse at night. Carpal tunnel can effect any one that does repetitive activity with the wrist and hands. Computer work, carpenters and mechanics, chefs and anyone else working with their hands are all prime candidates for carpal tunnel syndrome.


The median nerve that runs from the neck to the hand is compressed at the wrist between the carpal (wrist) bones and the retinaculum (ligament). The primary cause is a subluxated or malpositioned carpal bone, poorly healed fracture or substantial arthritis. Pain and numbness and tingling can travel to any part of the nerve and can be debilitating in severity. Pins and needles, muscle weakness, loss of grip strength as well as a burning sensation can all be present.


carpel tunnel braceOrthopedic and neurological testing as well as EMG, x-ray, and MRI are commonly used to diagnose this condition. I am well trained in the diagnosis and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome and treat this condition with a great deal of success. Treatment goals are to reduce inflammation (ultrasound, ice), increase range of motion (stretching), break down adhesion (massage) and free up fixated carpal bones (chiropractic adjustment).


Recommended home therapy includes ice, transverse friction massage, using a cervical pillow, avoid heavy lifting and to wear a cock up splint on the wrists at night. These braces and techniques are available at New Life Chiropractic of Virginia Beach. Call today for a same day appointment. 757-222-0910


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