Piriformis syndrome (a real pain in the butt)

Piriformis syndrome (a real pain in the butt) treatment in Virginia Beach.

piriformis syndromeLow back pain that starts in the gluteal (butt) area and radiating down the back of the leg, caused by compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle, is commonly referred to as piriformis syndrome. This condition which is often misdiagnosed as a herniated disc, is an extremely common cause of sciatica (leg pain). The condition is seven times more likely in females than in males.

Most cases of priformis syndrome are do to a trauma to the sacro-iliac joint. This trauma can be overuse, strain or even a hard fall on the butt. We see this condition in runners that increase mileage or speed to quickly. When these conditions occur we have a stretching injury to the piriformis muscle. This muscle comes in close contact to the sciatic nerve right were it passes through the pelvis at the top of the leg. This then causes irritation to the nerve and the pain follows the path of the nerve into the leg. The pain from this condition is a deep boring or dull ache down the back of the thigh ending behind the knee. Numbness and tingling may also be present.

Piriformis syndrome can be easily identified by your chiropractor. With a basic neurological and orthopedic exam it can be determined what is causing your low back and leg pain. Some other conditions with similar symptoms include myofascial pain, fracture, sciatica, disc syndrome and any other space occupying lesion (cancer).

Our treatment goals as always are to promote soft tissue healing, get rid of any pain, increase restricted range of motion and to prevent piriformis stretch recurrence. The way we treat and correct this condition is through a series of therapies. Cryotherapy or ice is used to reduce inflammation and swelling. Trigger point therapy and massage are used to break down adhesions in the area. This also includes stretching to relax the piriformis. Finally manipulation or chiropractic adjustments are used to restore the natural mechanics to the fixated pelvis.

Lastly we prescribe rest on a firm mattress, avoid heavy lifting or bending positions, sleep on you back with a pillow under the knees or on your side with pillow between knees and performing the piriformis stretches prescribed by Dr. Geheren. If you are tired of that pain in the butt, call New Life Chiropractic today. 757-222-0910.

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