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Tennis Elbow treatment in Virginia Beach

What is tennis elbow?tennis elbow

You do not have to play tennis to get tennis elbow. Tennis elbow or  lateral epicondylitis is an inflammation of one or more tendons as they cross over the elbow joint. This pain is usually located near the epicondyles or the bony bumps on the inside and outside of the elbow joint. Medial epicondylitis is called golfers elbow while the lateral or outside epicondylitis is tennis elbow.

Causes of tennis elbow.

There are several potential causes of of tennis elbow. Trauma, micro trauma, chronic strain and most commonly sports or occupational injury do to repetitive stress in the wrist and elbow. The muscles that flex and extend the wrist, if used repetitively under stress become inflamed where they rub on the epicondyles. Hitting many backhands in tennis is a great example.

Symptoms of tennis elbow.

Some of the signs and symptoms of tennis elbow are pain in the elbow with resisted flexion or extension of the wrist. Tenderness and swelling on the epicondyles and pain into the forearm are very common. In a severe case muscle atrophy (reduced size) can be present as well as difficult lifting or bending at the elbow joint.

Treatment of tennis elbow.

Common medical treatment generally is drug therapy. Anti inflammatories and steroids either oral or injected. This can be effective, but steroid injections do increase the odds of tearing of the tendons. The treatment goals at New Life are to: promote soft tissue healing, relieve pain, increase range of motion and restore normal strength and stability to the joint. Phase 1 is to apply ice and ultrasound to reduce pain and swelling. Phase 2 is moist heat, transverse friction massage, bracing at the elbow, stretching and strengthening the wrist flexors and extensors. Chiropractic adjustments are done to the wrist, elbow, neck and upper back to restore normal range of motion.


I have treated dozens of cases of tennis elbow over the years with great success. Often one or two adjustments of the elbow take care of the condition. Call today for a same day appointment and be back on the court tomorrow. 757-222-0910


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