ChiroHealthUSA at New Life Chiropractic in Virginia Beach

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New Life Chiropractic in Virginia Beach is happy to announce that we are now members of the ChiroHealthUSA network. In the past few years many of the health insurance programs including BC/BS, Medicare and others have started conducting random audits in an attempt to find doctors offering discount or free services to their uninsured or under insured patients. They consider this a breach of contract and grounds for being kicked out of their program. For many reasons this was highly unfair to patients without insurance or under insured patients. In an attempt to fix this problem a group of chiropractors created a discount insurance company that would make it legal and ethical for us to give a substantial discount to patients joining this group.

This company is ChiroHealthUSA. Paying the $39 to join this group allows me to give you a blanket 25% discount on all chiropractic services and 15% discount off on all durable goods. (vitamins, pillows, ect.) The fee includes all members of your family as well. Joining takes just a few minutes to fill out a simple form and no one is turned down. This should be an awesome deal for my cash patients and those with little or no chiropractic benefits in their health insurance.

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