Are chiropractors real doctors?

Va board of medicine


Chiropractors often get asked whether or not we are real doctor. This could be insulting, but the question usually comes from a lack of understanding of the curriculum of a chiropractic college. These are the current requirements so you can decide for yourself.

Chiropractors go through an immense amount of schooling to receive a “Doctor of Chiropractic” degree (also known as a D.C.). Their collegiate agenda is as follows:

– Graduate from a four year college.

– Completing at least two years undergraduate study, with a focus on the sciences.

– Four years of Chiropractic Education.

– Take mandatory internships.

– At least 900 hours of work in a Chiropractic Clinic.

– After graduating, pass a written and oral board exams, at national and state levels.

A Chiropractor may opt to choose to advance their degree in an area of specialty.

These areas include: Chiropractic neurology, radiology, sports medicine, as well as many other fields

This chart shows the number of hours served under study by Chiropractic students and Medical students:

Chiropractic Student Hours Class Description VS. Medical Student Hours

Chiropractic hours Medical hours

520 Anatomy 508

420 Physiology 326

271 Pathology 335

300 Chemistry 325Virginia Diploma

114 Bacteriology 130

370 Diagnosis 374

320 Neurology 112

217 X-Ray 148

65 Psychiatry 144

65 Obstetrics & Gynecology 198

225 Orthopedics 156

2,887 Total Hours 2,756

1,598 Specialty Courses 1,492

4,485 Entire hours 4,248

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