Healthy diet that works

Patients at my Virginia Beach Chiropractic clinic often ask what is a healthy diet? This is an extremely complicated question with many possible answers. I think it is safe to say that a healthy diet should be vegetable based with a lot of variety. Avoiding or reducing the amount of processed wheat and products containing large quantities of sugar. Meat should be minimal with lean chicken or fish the primary type. Low fat dairy in small amounts can be ok.healthy food pyramid

An easy way to create a healthy meal is to divide your plate into thirds. One third would contain 6-8 ounces of lean fish or chicken or occasionally an egg. The second third would be vegetable preferable raw or lightly steamed and or a salad, the greater the variety the better. The third section would be raw or unsalted nuts. Almonds are the best. It would be dificult and borring to eat this way at every meal so some healthy alternatives would come into play. A piece of fruit is an always good snack.

Good quality supplementation is also important. The most basic should be an organic bioavailable multivitamin. Chiropractors blend makes a decent one at an affordable price.This is a diet that works to keep you lean and healthy. We would love to get you on track. Call New Life Chiropractic of Virginia Beach today 757-222-0910

Foods to Avoid (cause inflammation)

All grains and grain products.

Partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats).

Seed and legume oils.

Soda ans sugar.

Dairy and soy.

Meat and eggs (grain fed)


What the heck can I eat!!

All fruits and vegetables.

Red and sweet potatoes.

Fresh fish.

Meat, chicken and eggs (grass fed)

Wild Game.

Omega-3 eggs.

Raw nuts.


Oils and fats (coconut and olive).

Beverages (water, green tea, red wine, and stout beer).

Not bad? This diet can lead to a long and lean life.


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