Holism – The first guiding principle of chiropractic.


Holism – The first guiding principle of Chiropractic.

Tree represents holism

Doctors of chiropractic like to quote D.D. Palmer the professions founder and talk about the “philosophy, art and science of chiropractic”. The philosophy part are the principles we use to guide our treatment. The first of these principals is Holism.


Holism. This is a widely accepted principle, reflected in the World Health Organizations definition of health as: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” The purpose of chiropractic is not merely to relieve a symptom or address a cause of that symptom, important as that may be to the patient, but to provide holistic care. It is to treat the whole person and in so doing optimize health.


Therefore chiropractors use a wide variety of conservative (non-invasive, as opposed to drugs and surgery) methods of management including manual care, nutrition, exercises, advice on lifestyle and posture and patient counseling and motivation. Patients report high levels of satisfaction for treatment of neck and back pain, three times the satisfaction rate for medical care – partly because they now understand their problems and how to prevent future pain and disability in the context of their whole lives. Schedule Today!!


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