Innate Healing


Innate healing – the doctor within us.

Chiropractic from its origin has always talked about innate intelligence or the bodies ability to heal innate energyitself. This concept explains how when we are exposed to a bacteria our immune system produces antibodies or even on a more basic level when we cut ourselves the wound heals often without much of a trace. The big question is how and why do some people function at much higher levels than others. This is what got D.D. Palmer (chiropractic founder) excited to think about.

The concept of “innate” or as others would say “life force” is shared by almost every form of traditional medicine. The innate is living energy that controls every organ, tissue and cell of the body in order to maintain life. There is also a spiritual component that links this system to the creator. Each of us is a unique manifestation of of this creative force and it flows through us to sustain our lives. The Chinese refer to this life force as qi or chi, the Hindus say prana, the Greeks call it pneuma, and the Japanese call it ki.

When this innate energy flows freely through our body we experience optimal health and vitality. However, when innate is blocked or weakened the organs, tissues and cells of the body are deprived of this energy and we are put in a state of dis-ease. Chiropractors believe that the primary conduit or transporter of this energy is the nervous system. When we have subluxation of a vertebrae causing nerve interference our natural flow of energy is highly effected.

This innate energy flows in a very particular pattern, unifying all the parts of the body much the same way circuitry links all the components of a computer. If you short out one circuit in a computer the whole machine fails to function properly. Its the same with the human body, if you block energy to a part, the whole system weakens and eventually fails.   This is how disease begins to manifest. When innate is blocked, the organs, tissues and cells effected begin to degenerate and fail. This degeneration or failure is marked by the onset of symptoms. These symptoms are the bodies way of telling us the innate flow has been compromised. If we block this notification with drugs or we ignore these symptoms this degeneration eventually leads to disease.

As chiropractors we look for conditions that are blocking this energy not at the disease itself. Illness is the flower of defective soil.   Healing begins when this life force or innate is restored and the body begins to heal itself. Find out more at New Life Chiropractic of Virginia Beach.

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