Yin and Yang – Having balance in you life.


Yin and Yang – Having balance in your life.

yin and yang In the Chinese culture the words yin and yang are used to describe the polar opposites that exist in everything. Yin in general is used to describe feminine nature. Cool, moist, slow-moving or stationary are all said to be traits of yin. The earth, water and the moon are considered feminine and therefore yin. Yin is considered to be in contraction.

Yang on the other hand is considered to be masculine. Yang is hot, dry and fast-moving. Activity and daytime are yang. Both time and the sun are also yang. Yang is considered to be in expansion.

Because yin and yang can be used to describe the opposites in our lives, it can also be helpful in determining why we are prone to disease. Blockages in the innate force that creates a self healing environment causes a condition in the body where one area becomes contracted, while another is expanded. Muscle tension for example, occurs when muscles contract squeezing capillaries and preventing blood, lymph and energy from flowing correctly to the organs, tissues and cells of the body. A similar effect occurs with high cholesterol. The plaque that occurs causes a contraction or back up in the blood vessels preventing blood from flowing to the heart.

This contraction or back-up of one vessel of the body causes an expansion in other parts. This expansion can be seen in the form of a bulge (aneurysm) in another blood vessel. This occurs in people with high blood pressure. We have blocked vessels in one area and expanded vessel in another. If the expanded vessels burst in the brain, the person suffers from a stroke. This is just one example of how imbalance cause disease.

Stress vs relaxation. Exercise vs rest. Hungry vs full. These are just a few of the yin and yang in our lives. Finding the balance in life can be difficult, but it needs to be an ongoing quest. When life is in balance our healing energy (innate) flows most efficiently and expansion and contraction or yin and yang are in harmony. Chiropractic care works on primarily reducing contractions in the body. To achieve better balance and find out more contact New Life Chiropractic.



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