Chiropractic treatment for kids.


Can children get chiropractic care in Virginia Beach?


child getting adjustedHave you ever seen a kid do a superman dive from the ottoman to the sofa? How about a 10 year old trying 50 consecutive times to do a flip on a trampoline or even the birth of a child when the head is pulled hard to release the shoulder? Most of these things would send an adult to the Emergency Room. I could go on and on, tackle football, judo, falling from a tree, a soccer header or even an 8 hour mine craft marathon. Yes children need and should get chiropractic treatments. We offer chiropractic treatment for kids at New Life.


How often do kids need to be adjusted?


The good news is that children in general don’t need a lot of chiropractic care. Most subluxation in children require very few treatments to relieve. The primary reason for this is they haven’t had all the years needed for scar tissue and adhesion’s to form as well as arthritis. These are the conditions that make adults require more care.


Different chiropractic treatment methods for different age groups.


I believe the younger the child, the easier to correct and the less force needed for the adjustment. When treating an infant with chronic ear infections or colic light pressure with the thumb may suffice. I often do light instrument adjustments in toddlers and a modified hands on treatment in preteens and young adults. Teenagers seem to love the treatment, probably because they tend to get pretty instantaneous results.


When should I bring my child to see the chiropractor?


I encourage patients to bring their kids in for a quick check when: they are playing contact sports, they are having recurring ear infections, frequent or regular headaches, back or neck pain or any other chiropractic condition. Getting kids checked a couple times a year is always good. I don’t charge to check kids and we have a largely reduced rate for treating kids. Scoliosis screening is a good idea as well. This will be covered in a future article. Contact us!Babies going to the chiropractor


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