Chiropractic Maintenance is Key to Healthy Living

Chiropractic maintenance

Now that you have become pain free and your joints have full mobility it is time for chiropractic maintenance care.  A common complaint of chiropractic care is that once you start you have to continue forever. I used to argue this. Now I would enthusiastically tell you its true. You get very used to feeling great and you don’t want to let that go. The primary reason we need to continue care is because we continue doing the things that caused the pain in the first place. Its kind of like eating candy all day and not brushing your teeth, eventually you are going to have problems.

Active life

Active lifestyles are awesome. The problem is that it puts a lot of strain on the body and in particular the joints of the spine. The more you ask of your body the more you have to give back. Chiropractic maintenance is a very important part of keeping the body running smoothly.


Chiropractic maintenance is only one part of long term wellness. You must combine chiropractic with regular exercise, proper nutrition, rest and stress reduction just to name a few.  A standard maintenance plan is a chiropractic treatment once a month. This varies according to your lifestyle. If you carry in all the groceries in one trip or rearrange all the furniture by your self  you may need more frequent treatments. If you do hot yoga and buy all you food at Trader Joes you may need less. We slowly weed you off care until we find that sweet spot.

At New Life we also council on the other factors of a healthy life style. We carry a full line of nutritional supplements. Directions are given for appropriate exercise as well as recommending the best products for good sleep. Our goal is for you to take as much control of your long term health as possible.