We value our patients’ experience at New Life Chiropractic of Virginia Beach. Thank you for taking the time to write us testimonials.

New Life Chiropractic patients.

Dr. Michael Geheren

Dennis H.

“I came to Dr. Geheren for pain relief. It is a very friendly place where everybody is happy to help. It works or I wouldn’t be coming back.

Matt M.

“I really enjoy going to New Life Chiropractic because they are nice and friendly and really helped me with my back and knee issues.”

Jesse M.

“Your care has made a huge difference in my family’s quality of life. I’ve been to numerous chiropractors in half a dozen different places and none were better than Dr. Geheren”

Merda T.

“I was a very busy and athletic person till an auto accident took all that away. The ER gave me Motrin which gave a little relief, but when it would wear off all the pain would return. After being treated by Dr. Geheren all my pain is gone and I have returned to my normal lifestyle. Thank you Dr. Geheren and your wonderful staff.”

Joseph C.

“New Life Chiropractic is the finest chiropractors in Virginia Beach! They helped my wife and me with all our health issues. I continue to come in if just to get a people fix from the excellent crew.”

Sharron L.

“I met Dr. Geheren at a red cross fund-raiser wear I told him about my constant neck pain. I started treatment with him the following week. For the first time in ten years I can turn my head without pain and am virtually free of headaches. Thanks to the doctor and staff for their excellent care.” 

Ryan G.

“My posture has improved greatly and I have never felt better. The doctor and his staff have been extremely helpful understanding and pleasant, I would highly recommend this office to everyone I know.”

Karen H.

“Beside my physical well being the treatment has also helped me feel better mentally. In my opinion not only is this staff best of the beach, best in the state, USA, world and universe!

Darryl L.

“After 4 weeks of intense migraine headaches, with several trips to the ER, I decided to go see Dr. Geheren.  Dr. Geheren took X-rays of my neck and found two vertebrae compressed and out of alignment. With one adjustment I got immediate relief”. 

Renate S.

“Dr. Geheren care has helped me tremendously. Through regular care my back pain has been reduced and my range of motion is at 100%. This has been a great alterative to the drug therapy I had been doing. Dr. Geheren is the Best”.

Wally R.

“In fixing my neck and shoulder pain several other conditions were corrected; for example my numbness in my hand at night which was very painful, and difficulty breathing is gone due to chiropractic care and I have not had a cold in years. I continue to come twice a month for good maintenance.” 

Lorraine K.

I came to Virginia Beach 6 months ago from Boston. I had a great chiropractor that I didnt think was possible to replace. I was wrong, Dr. Geheren and his staff are outstanding. They make me feel right at home and my neck is really feeling good. I have referred a couple of guys from work who are also really pleased.

Lilly T.

 Dr. Geheren was able to correct my low back condition very quickly and painlessly. The care was affordable and New Life is a lovely office. Susan and Alie made the office all the better. I would gladly refer all my family and friends. Thank you. 

 Great,great,great! What more can I say. My neck and shoulder pain are no more. Dr. Gehern you are the best. 

Stan W.

 The Doc and staff are awesome. They gave a discount for military which helped alot. I was treated for headache and carpal tunnel. Both are much better now.