Back and Neck Pain Treatment Options

Back and Neck Pain Treatment Options in Virginia Beach,VAhammer and nail

You wake up in the mourning and find you are suffering from extreme low back pain, what do you do? You have a stiff neck that wont go away. The pain and numbness are working their way down your shoulder and into your arm. Now what do you do? What do you do for recurring migraines? Believe it or not these can be some of the more difficult conditions to resolve. Where do you go? What do you do? What are your treatment options?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to these questions. The first thing you need to decide is the type of treatment you feel comfortable with. Medication or drugs are often the first thing to come to mind. This is understandable, drugs can give quick temporary symptomatic relief. Drugs can also produce some very uncomfortable side effects. When you decide to go to a medical facility you are making the decision to use drugs for your condition. If your choice is to try a nuero or orthopedic surgeon you have decided that you are thinking surgery will fix your problem. When choosing health-care options we need to remember Maslows hammer.

Maslow’s hammer states “ if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”. In health-care this means medical doctors prescribe drugs because that is there method of treatment. The question a MD asks himself is what drug will benefit this patient the most? In a surgeons office the question becomes is there a surgery that can fix or correct this patients condition? Of coarse as a chiropractor I ask myself is there a mechanical problem with the spine that could be causing nerve interference resulting in pain, that I could fix with adjusting the spine, massage and therapy.

Choosing your treatment options for these and other pain conditions becomes a little easier when looked at this way. Every health-care provider has their specialty and every specialty can be right for you depending on your condition. If your pain is debilitating a drug may help to get you through. If your condition was brought on by trauma a surgeon might be required. This being said the most conservative methods should always be tried first. Chiropractic is safe, effective and has virtually no negative side effects. I believe this makes us the first choice. Medication can be taken at the same time for temporary relief.

The most common medical regiment for neck and back pain is: flexoril (muscle relaxer) this is supposed to reduce spasm. Flexoril makes you really tired and unable to function very well. Vicodin is a widely used pain reliever. Vicodin may also cause nausea, lightheadedness and constipation. Motrin can be bought over the counter and is an anti inflammatory with few side effects.

Chiropractic treatment options consists of spinal adjusting, massage,dry needling and therapy. Adjusting relieves pain, increases range of motion and corrects the condition that caused the pain. Massage helps to restore full muscle mobility and function. Therapy is designed to reduce inflammation. None of these treatments produce negative side effects. As you can see chiropractic should be your first choice. Call New Life today. 757-222-0910

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