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TMJ Syndrome

TMJ Syndrome treatment in Virginia Beach!tmj pain

TMJ Symptoms

TMJ or the tempo-mandibular joint is the primary joint of the jaw. Symptoms of TMJ syndrome are headaches and pain and soreness of the jaw muscles primarily near the ear. Other symptoms include clicking or popping when opening the mouth, difficulty opening the mouth, the jaw getting stuck open, as well as pain with yawning, chewing, or opening the mouth wide.

Causes of TMJ

Pain and other symptoms of the head , jaw and face can be caused by the tempo-mandibular joint and the muscles and ligaments that control the joint, not working together in a coordinated fashion. Spasms or tightness of the muscles that control chewing is the most common cause. Most often these spasms result from habitual clenching and grinding of the teeth do to emotional tension or stress. Other factors include an incorrect bite which places an additional stress on the joint as well as a side effect of dental procedures that strain the joint. The joint can become subluxated by direct injury as well.


Treatment is designed to reduce or eliminate the pain by taking the muscles out of spasm. Treatments include applying heat, massaging the jaw, eating soft and non chewy foods, wearing a bite splint at tight to prevent grinding, and chiropractic adjustments to ensure proper jaw placement and movement. Counseling, biofeedback and relaxation therapy can also help. The jaw is a very complex joint and can be difficult to treat. At New Life Chiropractic we use a variety of corrective technique to ensure results in the treatment of TMJ syndrome. Call today for an appointment 757-222-0910.

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